A-Z Networks Inc,
is a professional consulting service firm established in 1999.  Our goal is to provide software, hardware, and resource solutions which will insure the success of and enable our clients to soar forward to the 21st century and beyond

We specialize in installation, administration, service and support of computer network solutions of small and medium sized businesses. Serving the state of Nebraska since 1999, A-Zís commitment to network administration cost reduction, focused product knowledge and professional quality solutions makes us help you increase the stability of your computer network using our network management skills. Through thorough analysis, evaluation, configuration techniques and documentation we hope to reduce your support overhead requirements. It is our hope and desire that through using A-Z Networks, over the course of the year a reduction in billable hours will be the natural result of utilizing our network administration services.

Whether you have two or two hundred computers, networking can be cost effective and efficient for you. We professionally design and maintain custom computer networks to fit both the needs and budgets of our clients. From installing a new network or router to diagnosing a troublesome network or installing a firewall, we have done it all. No job is too big or too small. If you simply need consulting on what type of network to buy for a small business or you are setting up a VPN across a T1 line that is connected to a router passing through a firewall, we can help.



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